Old Age Care, also known as geriatric care is for elders and super elders (above 85) of our society, a specialty focused on high-quality, person-centered care. High-quality care” aims to improve health, independence, and quality of life for the elderly. “Person-cantered care” puts our values and preferences at the heart care plans made by the Quality Elder team.


Elder needs to come in our care when there is considerable impairment or frailty due to multiple health issues; when friends & family along with home caregivers can’t cope and are stressed out; when elder needs to go through complex treatments for multiple health needs requiring coordination with different healthcare professionals needing in-house expertise to deal with the same.

Quality Elder care team shall conduct a geriatric care assessment, a multi-disciplinary exercise that tests mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health to determine the elderly quality of life. It shall gage