Palliative Care


Quality Elder cares for elders with serious illness to provide them relief from the symptoms, side effects, and stress of the illness. We provide holistic care that addresses the person as a whole and not just the disease, improving the quality of life for both, the seniors as well as the family.


The palliative care is provided by our specially-trained team of nurses, care attendants, and doctors who work together with a patient’s treating doctor to provide an extra layer of support. It is based on the needs of the patient and not on the patient’s prognosis, provided along with curative treatment. Our caregivers focus on physical, emotional, social, and spiritual issues that the patients may face during their stay with us.


The diseases have different physical and emotional effects and their treatments may vary from person to person. Palliative care addresses a broad range of issues, integrating an individual’s specific needs to care. Our palliative care specialist will take care of physical symptoms, provide emotional support & satisfy psychological needs.


Physical symptoms may include pain, tiredness, loss of appetite, breathlessness, vomiting, insomnia, fatigue, delirium, etc.


Emotional support is required by patient and as well as their families. Our palliative care specialists offer resources to help the patients and families with their emotions that come with a serious illness’ diagnosis and treatments. Depression, anxiety, and fear are just few of the concerns that our palliative care can address. Our caregivers listening to them, have one on one interactions, ask and satisfy any particular desire they may have, arrange Skype/Zoom call with the family & relatives.


Psychological & Spiritual needs


Patients and their families who are suffering from serious illness’ search for more meaning to their lives. Some believe that their serious illness brings them closer to their faith and spiritual beliefs, on the other hand, others try to figure out the reason why illness has happened to them. Our psychologists in palliative care help such people so that they can explore their beliefs and values, which helps them to look out for peace or reach a point of acceptance based on their situation. With tailor-made customized care plans, we have multiple plans and resources available with us to support throughout your illness choosing correct treatment option advised by multitude of empaneled doctors aligning it with your goal.


Respite Care for Caregiver


Family members are an important part of palliative care. The family members also have to change needs, just like the patients. Naturally, family members may feel buried under the extra responsibilities handed over to them. Many of the family members and relatives find it difficult to take care of the sick relative when they have other work, household duties etc.

The fear of not being able to take care of your loved one who has medical situations worry about the caregiver. The caregiver may compromise his own physical and mental health while facing these challenges. Our palliative care specialists offer respite to families and friends