What is post-operative nursing care?


Post-operative nursing care is after surgery care for the seniors so that they can soon get over the after-effects of a physical injury or the injury which affects them to perform their day to day activities. It is mostly provided for pain management and recovery of the wound of the patient. The after-surgery care is available for the people who had Orthopedics, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery to make sure their proper recovery.


Why does one need postoperative nursing care?


Post-operative nursing care is known by various names i.e. post-op, post-op care, and post-op nursing care. It begins after surgery with an immediate effect. The type of post-operative nursing care depends on the type of surgery including the patient’s medical history. It makes sure that the patient is thoroughly monitored and treated (pain management and recovery post-surgery)


Pain Relief


  • Keep one involved in activities like television, games, puzzles to distract from the pain.
  • Through medicines Balms and ointments.
  • Massages and physiotherapy to the affected area.
  • Heat and cold pads or a soothing bath.
  • Changes in your postures and positions and Meditation
  • Music to keep one relaxed.


Benefits of post-operative nursing care


The doctors and the NEMA post-operative care team gives one the instructions for recovery only after assessing his/her situation. It assists them with the speed of recovery by following their instructions. The benefits include

  • Assistance with the day to day activities like feeding, personal hygiene, and washroom assistance.
  • Monitoring the vitals of the patients and reports any fluctuations to the doctors or the supervising nurse.
  • Medical companionship to the patients for their medical tests and follow-ups with their doctors.
  • Medication management is also taken care of by the post-op nursing care team, with regular follow up and patient monitoring allows them to do it efficiently
  • Continuous check the basic body parameters of the patient such as blood pressure, sugar, and heart rate monitoring.
  • Assistance with walking, movement, and exercises.

    • Insertion and changing of Ryle’s tube and Foley’s catheters
    • Arranging doctor visits if required and assisting in hospital reviews
    • Bedsore management


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